Can You Do That For Me?

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 Can You Do That For Me? 

When I am marketing to prospects, my goal is to hear them say, “Can you do that for me?” 

If they say that, we have something to continue talking about. 


Are your clients saying, “Can you do that for me?”, or something like can you… 


  • “Really make my shipping process that easy?” 

  • “Teach me how to do that?” 

  • “Make it so that never happens again?” 


If your customers are not saying things like this to you, you are not talking about the things that matter to them. 


Business-to-consumer (B2C) advertisers, really have this down.  The photo in their ad suggests that “you’ll look really sexy in that car.”  The fact is, they aren’t selling you the car.  They are selling you the benefit of owning that car (i.e, that you will look sexy or feel great or whatever it is that their product is designed to do).  If you want to be an attraction-magnet to women or men, then that advertisement speaks to you and you think, “Hmm, if that car makes me look sexy, maybe I need it.” 


Admit it, it works on you.  I know for sure it works on me, because Facebook has my number. I like comfort and they show me ads for things that are comfortable.  I look at those ads and say, “I bet that will feel great,” or “That looks so comfortable, I want it.”  Yep, they had me at comfortable. 

If we know that . . . if we react to those cues every day, why then do we, in the business-to-business (B2B) world, forget about it when it comes to making a B2B sale?  Suddenly we think our customer is interested in the kind of toner cartridge our product has or the number of gigs if has. They aren’t.  
If you want to get your customers’ attention, don’t talk about product. Talk about  
their problem in their words, and how you can help.

If you’re selling phones, don’t tell them that the phone has a gazillion gigs.  They don’t care until you can tie that phone into to a problem them have. 


For instance, “Sick of your phone saying you are out of space? This phone has a gazillion gigs, so you will never see that message again.”  


YES!  If I was your prospect, now you are talking my language.  The truth is, I don’t care how many gigs there are. That means nothing to me. What I care about is not running out of memory AND not seeing that “you’re out of memory” message anymore. 


How does this apply to what you sell? 


Think about the kinds of things you are saying and ask yourself if that will make your customer say’ “Can you do that for me?” 


Here is how you do it. 

  1. Start by thinking about your customers’ problem and how they talk about it.  What kinds of things do your customers say?  I’m pretty sure they don’t say, “Boy do I wish I had 125 gigs.”  

Do they say things like: 

  • “I have to create this schedule every day and it takes forever and never works. I am sick to death of it.” 

  • “My people keep messing this process up and it makes it impossible for me to do my job.” 

  • “If our virtual meeting starts late one more time, I’m going to fire every last one of them.” 

  • “Why do I keep getting in trouble because the technology doesn’t work? It isn’t my fault.” 

If that is what your customers are saying and thinking, how are you talking to them? 

  1. Look at your current messaging. What it probably says is: 

  • Our scheduling tool has a team function, a manager function and revision function. They are great and make it much easier for you to schedule. 

  • Our data shows that banking teams typically produce 100 inaccurate reports each day.  We reduce inaccurate keystrokes with AI consistency technology. 

  • We have the latest, greatest Web Meeting Tech.  Our activation identifies the number of people in the room and starts the meeting according to our specified algorithm. 

  • One of the most common issues in any company is insufficient tech resources to keep systems operational.  The level of stress that creates for your team is incalculable. The cost to productivity huge.  Call us today to discuss how we can help. 

  1. Rewrite your messaging. What it needs to say is: 

  • “What if your scheduling took 10 minutes and worked right the first time, every time?  Ask us how.” 

  • “Is your team making this mistake?  Our customers have completely eliminated that problem. Here’s how.” 

  • “Want to start virtual meetings on time, every time? Let us show you how.” 

  • “Is tech malfunction holding you up? Become a hero by introducing us to your IT team.” 

Make a list of the kinds of people you talk to.  Think about the problems they have and how they talk about them.  Now create messaging, whether for email or face-to-face conversations, that speaks to the problem - using the language they use. 

When you do that, you’ll start to hear them say “Can you do that for me?” more and more. 

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