Regarding Sales
Regarding Sales
Growth Through Strategy

Sales Operating System 

Sales Strategy

Numbers are not a strategy. Strategy is the path to  sale goals. Good strategy sets the sales team up for success.

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Sales Process

The sales systems and processes you put in place are the guideposts your sales team uses to achieve success.

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Sales Management 

Sales leaders guide sales teams to success. Consistent expectations and support is what your team needs.

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Results Assessment

A well-functioning operating systems tells where you are now so you can figure how to get where you need to go.

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What is a Sales Operating System?

A sales operating system includes all of the components needed to manage and grow an effective sales organization. It is the foundation needed to scale sales.

What is the difference between a business strategy and a sales strategy and an opportunity strategy?

A business strategy is essentially your strategic plan. It starts with your vision, values and mission, has a SWOT analysis, goals and tactics to achieve those goals. A good strategy also includes critical sales components like ideal customers, positioning and value proposition.  A sales strategy is a detailed plan to achieve sales goals. It broken down into clear categories and goals. An opportunity strategy is the path to closing one deal. It includes an understanding of the buying influences, their wins and the buying process.

What is a sales process?

A sales process is the path a seller follows to close a deal. It is built around the customer buying process and is designed to support the seller from prospecting to close. A good sales process includes, questions, actions, gates and collateral.

How is Regarding Sales different than other sales consultants?

Most sales consultants can tell you that they can  help you increase sales.  What they can't say is that they will help you build the organizational infrastructure to continue to grow or even scale your sales.  We help companies build their sales organizations from the ground up or redesign sales organizations that aren't delivering.

How does Regarding Sales Work with Clients?

We work with leadership to build and reinforce the strategies and systems needed to grow.  If you need coaching and training to make those systems more effective, we can do that.  Strategy and systems are our focus though.