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What is a Sales Operating System?

A Sales Operating Systemis the combination of systems, processes and strategies needed to manage and grow an effective sales organization. It is the foundation than enables a company to scale sales and produces predictable, reliable revenue.

Sales Strategy

Numbers are Not a Strategy

Setting a goal is important, creating a strategy to hit it is critical to success.   

    Sales strategy starts with an understanding of your vision for the company, ideal customer profile, value proposition and market positioning. Those set the priorities and parameters around the sales work that needs to be done.

    Once those core principles are in place you can begin the plan to achieve your goals. You will need both a sales strategy and a lead-generation strategy. When building these strategies you can dig into the markets, products and people you want to focus on to achieve your goals. Then you will need to think about channels and messaging that get you there.


Sales Process

Activity w/o Process ​is Chaos

Keeping your sales team busy is important, staying focused on the activities that deliver results is critical.

     Mapping the processes your team should follow will keep them on track and successful. Building a sales process that maps the steps required to close a deal, and then reflecting that in the CRM will help your team stay on track and prevent missed steps, questions or activities.                           

    Your sales process will be the starting place to build out the processes around growing key accounts, managing opportunities and hiring and onboarding sales. 

    With everyone using the same systems and processes your team will be easier to manage and coach, and will have better sales results.                                         

Sales Management

Don’t Assume Sellers Know 

Telling your team what works is a start, keeping them on track will improve the outcomes. 

     The more consistent you are managing the sales team, the more consistent their success will be.      No one likes sales meetings because they focus on the wrong things. Keep meetings predictably positive. Set an agenda and stick to it. Use the meeting time for tracking team progress, training and group activities. 

     Focus one-to-one time with sellers on funnel reviews, coaching and progress toward goals. Set meetings for each of these types of activities. Set expectations around preparation, agenda and acceptable behavior.     

     Your job is to manage and coach your team to success.   

Sales Assessment

Make Sure it All Fits Together

Training your team is a great start, but training the wrong people on the wrong things won’t get the right results.


     Assessing your team, your processes and your messaging are a critical part of making your team successful. If it was right once, it doesn’t mean it’s still right.  

   Assess your current strategies and systems looking for places where the systems break down.  Common mistakes are a good indicator that a system isn’t working.

    One system to focus on is the funnel. If you are constantly assessing your funnel and pulling the critical information you run your sales team and your company you will have great results.


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Re: Sales™ FAQ

What is a Sales Operating System?

A sales operating system includes all of the components needed to manage and grow an effective sales organization. It is the foundation needed to scale sales.    

What is the difference between a business strategy, a sales strategy and an opportunity strategy?

A business strategy is essentially your strategic plan. It starts with your vision, values and mission, has a SWOT analysis, goals and tactics to achieve those goals. A good strategy also includes critical sales components like ideal customers, positioning and value proposition.  A sales strategy is a detailed plan to achieve sales goals. It broken down into clear categories and goals. An opportunity strategy is the path to closing one deal. It includes an understanding of the buying influences, their wins and the buying process.

What is a sales process?

A sales process is the path a seller follows to close a deal. It is built around the customer buying process and is designed to support the seller from prospecting to close. A good sales process includes, questions, actions, gates and collateral.

How is Re: Sales™ different than other sales consultants?

Most sales consultants can tell you that they can  help you increase sales.  What they can't say is that they will help you build the organizational infrastructure to continue to grow or even scale your sales.  We help companies build their sales organizations from the ground up or redesign sales organizations that aren't delivering.

How does Re: Sales­­™ Work with Clients?

We work with leadership to build and reinforce the strategies and systems needed to grow.  If you need coaching and training to make those systems more effective, we can do that.  Strategy and systems are our focus though.