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Regarding Sales
Growth Through Strategy
Liz Heiman, Founder and Chief Sales Strategist

Strategic Thinking - Breakthrough Results

Liz Heiman is the structural thinker and catalyst behind Regarding Sales LLC; a company focused on building B2B sales organizations that deliver extraordinary growth. Whereas many consultants merely spew creative ideas, Liz and her team meticulously create a roadmap of the step-by-step process for achievable results.

Solid Sales Methodology

Rooted in Science

With a master’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an bachelors degree from the University of California, Davis, Liz is an experienced international political economist, well-schooled in digging through the data to interpret results.

Her unique background delivers clients concrete solutions for complex sales problems.

The Regarding Sales Philosophy:

Sales Process is Powerful and Sales Strategy Drives Success

Why you need a build a B2B Sales Operating System to power your growth. 
"As a young sales director, I found myself responsible for an international team of independent consultants who had been selling longer than I'd been alive. That's when I came to understand the power of the process. There was no way I was going to manage them. The best I could hope for was managing the process and making it worthwhile for them to follow it. 

When I started in that position, the division was losing money. It took me about a year to turn the tide from loss to profit. About that time, I realized that what I was doing was primarily tactical. I was following the process and taking care of the business day-to-day. What I needed was a strategy to grow the division year-over-year. Using the strategy I created, we would hit $1 million the next year and were on track for $5 million in 5 years. Not bad for a relatively small sales consulting company.

Over the years, I have used the same strategies and processes to help companies achieve and exceed their sales goals. One of my clients grew from $1 million to $10 million in a year by implementing the strategies and processes I created with them. Eventually, I realized that I was creating B2B Sales Operating Systems for my clients, and they saw consistent successes."

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