Liz Heiman, Founder and Chief Sales Strategist

Strategic Thinking - Breakthrough Results

Liz Heiman is the structural thinker behind Regarding Sales LLC; a company focused on building B2B sales organizations that deliver extraordinary growth. Liz and her team meticulously create a roadmap of the step-by-step process for achievable results.

Solid Sales Methodology 

Rooted in Science

With a master’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a bachelors degree from the University of California, Davis, Liz is an experienced international political economist, well-schooled in digging through the data to interpret results.

Her unique background delivers clients concrete solutions for complex sales problems.

TheRegarding Sales Philosophy:

Sales Process is Powerful and Sales Strategy Drives Success

I learned about the power of process early in my career. As the Director of Asia Pacific for Miller Heiman, I was responsible for a team of Independent Consultants who had been selling longer than I had been alive. I couldn't manage them in the traditional way. I quickly learned that by implementing the systems and processes necessary to grow the division, I could manage the processes so that it was a win for them to follow. Together we began to grow the region, and everyone was successful.  

A Proven Sales Strategy

After a year of consistent growth, I realized that although managing the process was useful; I was focused on the day-to-day tactics of growing the region. If I wanted to hit my $5 million goal, I needed to be strategic. So, I built my first strategic plan. I soon found that by implementing the strategy, we were on track to hit the 5-year goal.

After leaving Miller Heiman, I spent 15 years building systems and strategies and results were staggering.

When I started focusing on sales again, I realized that I was building the same strategies and processes repeatedly, and they were working.  I understood that effective sales organizations need the same strategies, frameworks, systems, and processes to grow consistently. So I developed the Regarding Sales Sales Operating System for start-ups and SMBs that need to increase sales.

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