Three Powerful Sales Coaching Questions that will Close More Deals

Liz Heiman
11.08.22 07:25 PM Comment(s)

Three Powerful Sales Coaching Questions that will Close More Deals

Are you sick of one-word answers from your sellers when you ask about a sales meeting? Do your conversations sound like this, "How did it go?"…." Great" 


"What's the likelihood that it will close?"…. "90%" 


The way you phrase your questions impacts the answers you get and the way your salespeople go into their next sales meeting. Ask questions that get your team thinking. Get them thinking about what information they need to find to know what is happening with the buyers. 

What Did You Learn? 

It's more helpful to ask questions that help guide your sellers to success. A great question to start with is, "What did you learn?" That is a valid question regardless of where you are in the sales process. Sellers should always be learning about the company, the buyers, the opportunity they are working on, or the next opportunity. 

What Will You Do as a Result? 

Once they tell you what they learned, the logical question is, "With what you learned in mind, what will you do next?" Sellers should always be focused on subsequent actions and moving the sale forward.  

They need to understand the situation they are selling into and what will move the sale forward. "Next actions" should be the result of every meeting. 

What could get in the way of this sale closing 

Another great question is, "What could get in the way of this sale closing?" If they say, "Nothing," chances are your sellers aren't asking good questions. Or they need to be better informed about all the buyers. There is always something that could stop the sale, even if it's an act of nature. Once you have a signed contract and payment, it's a sure thing, not before that. 


Sales leaders often get distracted doing everything but coaching. A sales leader's primary job is coaching. To coach successfully, you need to find opportunities for conversations that lead to coaching moments. Stop asking questions that will get you a one-word answer and start asking questions that will help your team close more deals. 

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Liz Heiman