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Why You Need a Sales Positioning Framework
Proving your sales team with a Sales Positioning Framework will help them identify and sell to your ideal customer more effectively. Learn more about sales positioning in this article.
25.01.24 11:56 PM - Comment(s)
Stop W.A.G.ging your Sales Goals and Plan to Succeed
STOP! Before you WAG your sales goals, assess the information you have from last year and the market and industry trends that will impact your sales.
10.12.22 05:20 AM - Comment(s)
Want a Winning Sales Strategy? Answer these 6 Questions 

It’s possible for sales teams to hit short-term revenue goals and for the company to still miss critical long-term targets. It’s not enough to give the sales team a better prospect list. That may help in the short-term, but it will only put a bandage on the larger issue, which is that leadership has...

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Three Powerful Sales Coaching Questions that will Close More Deals

Are you sick of one-word answers from your sellers when you ask about a sales meeting? Do your conversations sound like this, "How did it go?"…." Great" 


"What's the likelihood that it will close?"…. "90%" 


The way you phrase your questio...

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Want Increased Sales? Drive Sales with Strategy 

Strategy is a critical filter for the constant barrage of decisions your sales and marketing teams make every day. Many business owners believe they can operate without a clear strategy. While it’s possible, companies without strategy don’t drive long-term sustained increases in sales. Decisions lik...

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How to Lead Sales Success with a Winning Sales Strategy

Leading your sales team with sales strategy means understanding what is possible in the market, knowing what your team needs from you and how to coach them to success. To lead sales successfully, you need a detailed plan, compelling messaging, appropriate tools, and consistent coaching.  Here i...

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 Manage Your Sales Team Effectively With The Right KPIs

It’s difficult to lead your sales team to success with the wrong KPIs.  And most KPIs aren’t measuring the right things.  There are two big problems with sales KPIs today.  They measure too many things and most of those are the wrong things.  Just because you can measure somethin...

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Building a Successful Sales Organization in 6 Steps  

Stop! Before you hire a salesperson that will cost over $100,000, set them up for success.  

When you build a house, before you do anything else, you put in the infrastructure and lay the foundation. A solid foundation ensures a stable structure. The same is true when you build a sales orga...

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Launching a Medical Device? Don't make these 5 Big Mistakes
Launching a new medical device or any product that requires FDA approval is difficult and time consuming. The process can be long and frustrating. It is particularly frustrating if you make these mistakes that can set you back months, even years!
13.05.22 11:34 PM - Comment(s)
6 Surprises to Avoid that Could Sink Your Medical Device Launch
Even if you do everything right there are still surprises that could slow or halt your launch. It’s hard to be prepared for the unexpected, so it’s a good idea to have a Plan B.
13.05.22 04:33 PM - Comment(s)