Regarding Sales
Regarding Sales
Growth Through Strategy
Want a Winning Sales Strategy? Answer these 6 Questions 
It’s not uncommon for business leaders to start a sales strategy with sales goals. But a sales strategy doesn’t start with sales. In fact, a sales strategy ends with sales. There is a whole lot that happens before you can look at a sales team and say, “Hit these numbers.”
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Launching a Medical Device? Don't make these 5 Big Mistakes
Launching a new medical device or any product that requires FDA approval is difficult and time consuming. The process can be long and frustrating. It is particularly frustrating if you make these mistakes that can set you back months, even years!
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6 Surprises to Avoid that Could Sink Your Medical Device Launch
Even if you do everything right there are still surprises that could slow or halt your launch. It’s hard to be prepared for the unexpected, so it’s a good idea to have a Plan B.
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5 Reasons Value Props Pop or Flop 
Do you have a value proposition? Have you ever said it out loud to a prospect only to have them stare at you like you are speaking another language? Maybe it’s because you are. If you want your value proposition to resonate, read this article.
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Want to Hit Your Sales Goals? Be Fanatically Focused on Your Funnel 

Are you one of those salespeople who have prospect information bouncing around your brain? Reminders on Post-it Notes all over your workspace? Or a forgotten list of follow-ups? 


If it feels like chaos, you are not effectively managing your opportunities. You funnel should give you visibil...

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Can You Do That For Me?
If you want to get your customers’ attention, don’t talk about the product. Talk about what it does for them or WIIFM.
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The Magic Funnel 
If you want to get your customers’ attention, don’t talk about the product. Talk about what it does for them or WIIFM.
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Understand Your Prospect: Ideal Customer and Buyer Persona
The secret to selling successfully is knowing who you are selling to and what matters to them. The more complex your sale, the more difficult it is to figure out what is important to each buyer, and the more important it is to do it.
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Got Entrepreneurial ADD? Strategy Can Save You!
Do you go to a trade show, listen to a podcast, or read an article, then suddenly find yourself ready to implement something new? Do you get going in one direction then get sidetracked by something new and exciting? Does your team feel like you are continually changing your mind?
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7 Steps to Build a Successful Sales Strategy
These seven steps are the basis of an executable sales strategy. At the end of this process, your sales team will have clear priorities everyone understands, clear outcomes everyone can measure, clear guidelines everyone can follow, and clear goals toward which everyone can work.
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