Regarding Sales
Regarding Sales
Growth Through Strategy
The Magic Funnel 

OK, the funnel isn’t magic, but sometimes the simplicity of it is magical.  Managing selling work can be overwhelming.  Depending on the number of buyers involved and the length of the sales cycle, there can be a lot to keep track of.  Thank goodness for ...

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Understand Your Prospect: Ideal Customer and Buyer Persona
The secret to selling successfully is knowing who you are selling to and what matters to them. The more complex your sale, the more difficult it is to figure out what is important to each buyer, and the more important it is to do it.
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Got Entrepreneurial ADD? Strategy Can Save You!
Do you go to a trade show, listen to a podcast, or read an article, then suddenly find yourself ready to implement something new? Do you get going in one direction then get sidetracked by something new and exciting? Does your team feel like you are continually changing your mind?
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7 Steps to Build a Successful Sales Strategy
These seven steps are the basis of an executable sales strategy. At the end of this process, your sales team will have clear priorities everyone understands, clear outcomes everyone can measure, clear guidelines everyone can follow, and clear goals toward which everyone can work.
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SOS: Do You Need to Increase Sales?
Building and implementing a Sales Operating System provides visibility into your sales organization's inner workings, so you know exactly what is happening in sales and can manage your team toward reliable, predictable growth year-over-year. Who doesn't want that?
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Manage Your Business with the Funnel
Your funnel is a critical part of executing both business and sales strategies. Once you establish goals, the funnel is the tool that tells you whether or not you are on track to hit those goals and what it will take to get you back on track.
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Key Account Management for Growth
When getting new business is as difficult as it was for many companies in 2020, maintaining and growing existing accounts is critical. But it's not just crucial in lean years. It is essential all the time. It doesn't make sense to bring in new business if you can't maintain existing customers.
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Sales Positioning for B2B Growth
Consistent business growth is the result of careful planning and management. What is often missing, however, is positioning. It is essential to position your company for growth. Think about how to position your company in the market and with your customers.
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The Myth that is Undermining Your Sales
This article debunks the myth of the Buyer Journey. The myth is that buyers are 70%of the way through their sales process when they first interact with sales. That fallacy is undermining sales.
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Three Elements of a B2B Sales Strategy  that Drive Sales
Have you spent a lot of time or money building a Strategic Plan, and you're still struggling with sales? Chances are, you're missing three critical pieces that often get left out of Strategic Plans; Market Position, Ideal Customer Criteria, and Value Proposition.
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